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Here at Envelor Communications we offer a range of services to our clients in order to amplify their global, international expansion. While we have more in-depth articles on each of them, this is a brief overview of our core offer. 

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Our main line of business is written translation. Whether you have a website, an eCommerce shot, a ton of legal documents or couple of "boxes" of internal communication to translate, this is what we do. All the time.

More about Translation here.


Another very interesting aspect of the human-powered translation is localisation. We usually take this term two folds: one is software localisation - using tools and knowledge to help you launch your app internationally; the other is going deep into the local market and finding those particular nuances that make a bigger impact to your clients, because they feel you have written this directly to them.

More about Localization here and particularly about Software Localisation here,

Quality Assurance

None of these would be valuable enough, if there was no concept of preserving quality. While we all think that quality is given, and rightfully so, we demand the best, it is what happens under the hood that determines whether something will be good enough and meet the expectations of our clients. 

More about Quality Translation here.


When you need more than just the meaning to come through. When you want your idioms translated with the right marketing impact. When you want it to sound like it was originally written in the target language. Now that's when the transcreation kicks in. More complex? Yes. More expensive? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely.
More about Transcreation here.

And the Industries we work with? 


Technology is awesome. It drives our world today, and many companies that are not even aware of it, fit into this category. From startups, and simple apps, to Fortune 500 companies, one way or another, we have been working with them, helping them craft the messages, polish the marketing, ensure the legal material is unbreakable, and that the software is truly localized.

Automotive and Heavy Machinery

Usually the Automotive industry is the driving force of many countries GDP. And automobiles are used all over the world. They now "speak" many languages, and their documentation and service manuals are needed, just as their software, in different local languages for different geography.  Read more about Automotive and Technical translation. 


As mentioned, our bread and butter is localising software into several languages. From the smallest applications, to the CRM systems of global companies such as IBM, we have seen it all and helped these companies launch their products on different parts of the world. 


The rise and expansion of global eCommerce was big even before Covid. But after that it just exploded. People realised that in order to buy things, they don't have to leave their home, ever. They also understood the fact that even though Amazon is the goliath of these projects, sometimes it's more convenient to buy from a local store that has a webshop. Read about eCommerce opportunities here. 


While Websites is not really an industry, it has become a separate entity in the process of translation. It requires special care, and many details that one needs to know and understand if they want to make the website truly multilingual. 
More about website localisation here.

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