Quality Assurance

We take the Quality of our work very seriously, because we know You care about quality of your own product, and communication. At our company, we work hard to ensure the very best output of our own products, but we can also help with assessment of the quality of your material.

Our clients expect nothing but the best from us, and we use several methods to achieve a constant flow of high-quality in our work.

Let's see what impacts the quality of a translation work. It could be several factors: 


  • the better the source, the easier it is to make it into excellent translation
  • if the material is ment for localization, it is even more important to have it well prepared


  • we use experienced, senior translators and editors in all our work
  • this reduces the risk of errors, and helps shorten the delivery time


  • we use computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, that help us speed-up the process, 
  • these also make our translations more accurate, and
  • help preserve consistency

All  of this is done so that your customer is not confused with different wording

In each of our translation projects we use the approach outlined in the ISO 17100 standard:

  • our translators are highly educated
  • they have years of experience, and often they are experts in the subject they translate
  • and work in pairs (we use the 4 eyes principle by default)

We also provide regular feedback, and perform regular checks looking for typical errors. This is a method that can ensure that the translators are updated on their work, and keep improving.

What does all of this mean for You?

Your material will be in good hands, and your own clients will enjoy reading them in their own language. The risk of errors is mitigated by the tools, and the knowledge of experienced colleagues. The speed and accuracy works in your favour.

At our translation company, we believe that quality is top priority. And we are committed to delivering high-quality translations to our clients.

Quality assurance is an integrated part of our translation process. Our commitment is in using it systematically, so that we provide high-quality translations to our clients each and every time.

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